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Movement Games for Meaningful Moments
Moving Nature is a fun, interactive and physical game for parents and children, helping families connect, develop and play.   
The Animal Kingdom Coming to Life

Experience the beautiful animal illustrations come to life with gorgeous animation and engaging tutorial videos.

How to play
in 3 easy steps
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What's Inside?
20 Animals
Mett the carlos the frog, Bentzi the bear and more
Multiple Games + progression levels for each animal
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A total of 80+ games and ongoing journey 
A total of 80+ games and ongoing journey 
It's all about  movement that is meaningful

Connecting Families & Encouraging Togetherness. We offer Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Development . Fun & engaging for kids & adults.

Play is essential

World health organization determines that to grow healthy, children need to sit less and move more. Moving Nature gives you the tools to move your family to the next level. 

Created by educators
& movement experts

With more than 20 years of teaching experience and practicing various movement arts including hundreds of students both big and small, we dedicate our life to the purpose of promoting meaningful movement around the world.

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"I love playing the cards and using my daily day objects at home"

Noam, 8 years old, Israel

A word from out moving friends
Play is essential
  • Connection 

  • Development

  • 20 animals 

  • 4 new games every month 

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