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Our new game is out and we are super excited. Join us and explore your moving nature.

Meaningful Movement

Meaningful movement is moving in diverse ways that promotes a balanced healthy life full of joy and vitality. Moving Creatures provides you with opportunities to practice meaningful movement - developing self and connection with others in playful ways. When you move playfully and with intention, as we encourage in our games, you’re going to unlock a whole lot of new benefits. Plus you’ll have fun, we promise! Learn about the benefits here. 


Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Development

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Strengthening Connection
& Encouraging Togetherness

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& Joyous

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Moving Stories

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"The Moving Creatures team have created a high quality and accessible product for parents and children. The games provide opportunities for progression of physical, cognitive, emotional and sensorimotor abilities which is very important during the critical developmental years of childhood. I recommend this game to any parent or caregiver as a wonderful product which will benefit your child’s development in diverse ways. "

(Tehila Israelowitz, Neuroanatomical-Movement Therapist from Israel)

Our Story

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Our founders, Dor and Shavit, have tonnes of experience with playful movement. They're virtually big boisterous kids who are excited about play and have more than 20 years of movement teaching under their belts! They’re trained in and teach martial arts, dance and yoga. So you’re in the right hands.

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