The Meaning  of
Meaningful Movement

Meaningful movement is moving in diverse ways that promote a balanced healthy life full of joy and vitality. Moving Creatures provides you with opportunities to practise meaningful movement - developing self and connection with others in playful ways. When you move playfully and with intention, as we encourage in our games, you’re going to unlock a whole lot of new benefits. Plus you’ll have fun, we promise! Learn about the benefits here. 


Development of SELF


Moving Creature’s games promote self development on a physical, cognitive and emotional level. Physically, you’re improving your fitness and coordination. Playing our games you’ll build on your existing bodily skills and develop new ones. On a cognitive level, our games help to build new neural pathways in the brain - say hello to healthy new habits, thoughts and behaviours. Emotionally, you are provided with opportunities to develop emotional resilience and confidence in your abilities. And, through playful movement games, you can express and explore different emotions in a healthy and safe way.


Development of COMMUNITY


The effort that you put into playing our games will ripple into all areas of your life, helping to improve the lives of those around you. When you move together with your community the relationship benefits still apply - you create a deeper emotional bond and develop your interconnectedness with others. Studies show that depression and other mental health issues are less prevalent for people that play active roles in their communities.

Development of RELATIONSHIPS


Playing Moving Creatures games with others encourages you to develop deeper emotional connections. You can really let your body do the talking through synchronised movements - improving your ability to cooperate and communicate. And, let’s be honest, moving together can be way more fun than moving alone.



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Connection with OTHERS


By practising meaningful movement with others, you invite a meeting between two separate bodies. Moving together creates something special, relating to one another in a non-verbal way. You begin to develop understanding and respect towards your similarities and differences, becoming more empathetic, compassionate and sensitive to one another’s needs.

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Connection with the WORLD


Movement is fundamental to all life - it is primal, animalistic, and grounding. Meaningful movement invites you to connect to and explore your relationships and environment in an intuitive, open-minded way. Moving Creatures invites you to create a deeper connection with the world around you.

Connection with YOURSELF


When you play our games, engaging in meaningful movement, you will become aware of not only your physical body but your thoughts and feelings too - deepening your awareness and understanding of self. You might even find that after some time practising meaningful movement you begin to take better care of yourself in other aspects of your life. 

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Our virtual community – the MOVEMENT movement


Did you know that community is essential for a happy, long life? Just look up the Blue Zones. 

We’d love to welcome you to the Moving Creatures community where physical movement meets the technological present and future. In our community you will find new ways to connect with those around you as well as connections to people around the world. By improving your relationships through meaningful movement, you can develop a greater connection to your communities - both online and off.

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Playfulness within YOURSELF 


Connect to your inner child, be curious and explore! When you play, you can move from your comfort zone and find new possibilities that can help to unlock your full potential. You can find joy in simple acts, without any goals, winners or losers, which creates a sense of freedom and joy. Playfulness also allows you to explore and release emotions through primal expression in a safe and healthy way.

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Playfulness in RELATIONSHIPS

By exploring playfulness in your relationships with others, there is no goal beyond simply being present together and having fun. But that doesn’t diminish the benefits! Through play, we can feel empowered, re-shaping our bodies and identities - anything can be possible in a playful world. Play is important for social development because it helps us to learn how to interact with others. Play provides us with opportunities to share thoughts and ideas, to listen, and to compromise, enhancing our relationships with others.

Playfulness in the WORLD


In play, we explore the world in new and curious ways; the world becomes our playground. Play invites us to conceptualize, brainstorm, and exercise critical thinking skills - re-imaging the possibilities of the world around us.

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