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The “Just Right” Challenge

The just right challenge is that ‘sweet spot’ where the challenge is not too difficult that it feels unachievable and not too easy that it is not beneficial. The challenge is at the edge of our abilities, where we have to concentrate and stretch our threshold of effort to accomplish it. When the challenge is too easy, it’s easy to get bored or feel like we’re not growing from the experience. Giving someone a challenge that is far too easy for them may also feel degrading to them. A challenge that is too difficult on the other hand, may cause a sense of frustration, a hit to self-esteem and can eliminate the motivation to keep trying. When a challenge is “just right”, it’s empowering. It allows us to feel motivated and engaged while promoting resiliency.

How to Find the “Just Right” Challenge

The key to finding the “just right” challenge is in trial and error. Start by choosing an area that you’re attracted to and select a task or activity in that area. The first step is observing your current capacity in achieving the task. Break the task down into smaller components and focus on achieving the greater challenge one step at a time.

If you find yourself succeeding quickly, gradually increase the level of difficulty until you reach a point where the challenge is precise for that moment and place. That sweet spot can change on different days, depending on your emotions and physical condition on that day. We tend to fall into a mode of comparison, thinking about better results from previous days or focusing on desirable future results. Try to stay in the present moment, adopting a mindset of compassion and patience.

Sharing Challenges with Others

In the video you can see Shavit and Oneg challenging one another in a movement game. They gradually raise the level of difficulty for one another, working at a slow pace. They are attentive to one another and offer frequent encouragement for small successes. Together, in a non-judgmental atmosphere, they manage to stretch the limits of their abilities. They make sure to end the movement game with a feeling of success, sharing a hug, celebrating the process, their togetherness and the great effort they put in.

We invite you to experience daily physical challenges in our new product Moving Nature which features over 80 movement games that enhance connection and physical, emotional and cognitive development. Most importantly, we encourage you to find the things you like doing, with the people you love, and to lovingly challenge one another to grow.

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