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For families

Our Moving Nature product is for the whole family to enjoy! Featuring an online easy-to-follow video library of 80+ movement activities. Access the activities through a pack of 24 colourful creature cards.

Products for families 
Online Access
$44 AUD

An extra game every month

Unlimited access to our game library of 80+ activities

Our printable calendar for
playtime tracking

(one-time purchase)
Cards Bundle
$59 AUD
(one-time purchase)
Premium Toolkit
$85 AUD
(one-time purchase)

Unlimited access to our game library of 80+ activities

An extra game every month

Our printable calendar for
playtime tracking

1 deck of 24 cards beautifully


Everything from the bundle

Online workshop on active play

Printable booklet companion
for the cards

Live Q&A session with our
movement experts

Coming soon!


For Professionals 

Our Moving Nature Professional Package

will support you in finding movement activities appropriate to your client or student's needs and goals. Access a Professional Member Space, featuring an interactive index of therapeutic outcomes. You'll find the movement activities segments into six categories: Goal-oriented, Improvisation-based, Animal Embodiment, Developmental Outcomes, Activities involving Touch, & Activities with No Touch.

Products for professionals
Professional Development
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Be guided through a range of movement activities that you can use with children and families. 

Deepen through participatory learning, your understanding of the therapeutic potential of play and creative movement, enhancing practitioner wellbeing


Our printable calendar for
playtime tracking

$159 AUD
(one-time purchase)

The Moving Nature deck of cards (mailed to your address)

Access to the Online Professional Member Space 

Guidebook of potential therapeutic outcomes, case studies and application considerations

Online library of 80+ movement games and 24 creature cards


Explore our Professional Member Space which will support you in implementing Moving Nature into your community, educational or therapeutic professional context. 

Expand your toolbox of movement and active play activities

Printable Moving Nature calendar to share with families