We Are Moving Creatures


Educational entrepreneur and classroom educator, Martial art, dance and yoga teacher


Capoeira teacher, children’s physical development expert


3 years old
Tightrope movement extraordinaire


4 years old 
Expert spider-walker

We are experts in movement specializing in childhood physical development. Our mission is to provide fun, effective tools for families to promote physical development through meaningful movement, encourage bonding and togetherness, and build the foundation for a healthy active lifestyle that starts at home.

Our story begins in 2005 in a rural town in the Israeli Desert called Dimona, where Dor Shira established a martial arts studio for kids. His very first student was 12 year old local Shavit Yechezkel. Over the years, their relationship transformed from teacher-student to colleagues, and from friends with a common passion to business partners with a mutual vision - to spark passion for meaningful movement and get the world to come and play!

In collaboration with Shavit’s young niece and nephew, 3 year old Oneg and 4 year old Noam, we have developed fun games that promote physical activity to be played at home. These games are inspired by the martial arts, dance, yoga and capoeira, incorporating touch, rhythm, coordination and balance. Game play participation is balanced between parents and children, to encourage social learning and to give parents an opportunity to model positive behaviors their children will adopt.