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Meaningful movement

Meaningful movement is moving in diverse ways that promotes a balanced healthy life full of joy and vitality. Moving Creatures provides you with opportunities to practice meaningful movement - developing self and connection with others in playful ways. When you move playfully and with intention, as we encourage in our movement activities, you will unlock many benefits. Plus you’ll have fun, we promise! Learn about the benefits here. 


Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Development

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Strengthening Connection
& Encouraging Togetherness

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& Joyous

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Our new game is out!

Join us and explore your moving nature.

Moving Nature is now ready for the whole family to enjoy! It features an online easy-to-follow video library of 80+ movement activities. Access the activities through a pack of 24 beautifully illustrated creature cards.

Our moving workshops

in-person & online

Professional workshops

Our FREE online professional workshops will support you in implementing Moving Nature into your community, educational or therapeutic professional context.

In-person community workshops

We facilitate workshops for children as well as with their parents/carers. We offer a variety of formats from weekly one-hour groups to half and full-day experiences. Perfect for play groups, homeschooling communities and after-school activities! 

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Movement Creators Collective

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  • Connect and share resources with a global network of interdisciplinary professionals.

  • Receive fresh movement activities to apply in your professional context.

  • Stay up to date with upcoming events and opportunities, exploring the fields of movement, play and other areas of practice.


Our Story

We are a global team, spanning Australia, Canada, and Israel with extensive knowledge in education, somatic and movement-based therapies. We collaborate with a wide variety of professionals, bringing together many disciplines and fields of expertise.

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