We Are Moving Creatures

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Educational entrepreneur and classroom educator, martial art, dance and yoga teacher



Capoeira teacher and

 children’s physical development expert


Our Mission

As experts in movement, we take play seriously! Our mission is to provide people of all ages with the tools to connect with their loved ones through meaningful movement. This approach enhances physical, emotional, and cognitive development - and creates the foundation for a healthy, vibrant and joyful life!

Our Story

The Moving Creatures story began in 2005 in a rural town in the Israeli desert. ​It was there, in Dimona, where I, Dor Shira, established a martial arts studio for kids. My very first student was 12 year old local Shavit Yechezkel. 

After practising together for years, our relationship evolved from teacher-student to colleagues and friends with a mutual passion for meaningful movement and a serious enthusiasm for play. We shared a vision to inspire this spark in others - and wanted the world to join us! 

In collaboration with a passionate team from Australia, Canada, and Israel, we have now developed a collection of fun, physical games that can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere in the world. These games were inspired by our own experiences in martial arts, dance, and yoga - and incorporate touch, rhythm, coordination and balance. 

As passionate educators with over 20 years of teaching experience, we have worked with hundreds of students and loved watching them thrive and evolve. Now, we are thrilled to share this enthusiasm, passion, and the magic of movement around the globe through our online community.

 Our teaching - learning philosophy

The world is a playground

We believe the world is a playground to explore, and that every human has something magical to offer by tuning into their creativity and imagination. We all have something to teach and to learn - especially through play. Through play, we can celebrate life in its entirety - the highs, the lows, the frustrations and the thrills. We can take ourselves out of our comfort zone to explore new facets of ourselves, growing, evolving and unleashing new abilities. 

Meaningful movement, together

We believe that movement should be fun, joyful and life-affirming and that by moving together we can create and enhance connections with those around us. We are interconnected beings who have so much to learn from one another. The best kind of movement allows us to find a joyful, spontaneous flow, becoming present with ourselves and others. 

Seriously playful

We are serious about play! Playing, at any age, contributes to our development in countless ways - from motor skills to cognition and social and emotional intelligence.


We are ever-evolving and believe that the best teachers are students first - maintaining their passion and curiosity, and keeping their eyes open to new opportunities to learn. We aspire to learn something new every day. 


We are obsessed with movement and play - and are so excited to share that with our community.