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In the community

We seek to bring people together through a range of playful programs, supporting communities and nurturing relationships through play.

Family programs

Our family programs explore playful movement from the worlds of Capoeira, dance and yoga. We move with music and props and in ways that are creative, explorative, investigative and primal. The child (3 - 10 years) is given opportunities to enhance their gross and fine motor skills, while both the caregiver and child develop a deeper bond and connection with one another.

Intergenerational Program "The Child in Me"

Our intergenerational programs aim to bring together the young and young at heart – to build relationships through play. Over a series of weeks, we invite everyone in the community to move and play together, from grandparents and teens, to parents, children, toddlers, carers and day centre staff. Participants connect through playful, moving encounters, exploring themes of trust, nurture and risk-taking, fostering understanding, empathy and exchange, accumulating in a community arts performance on the final day.

Dance therapy for
older adults

Our older adult programs are run by Jordine (Registered Dance Movement Therapist) and offer a mix of activities for the whole person (body, mind and spirit). Addressing the specific needs of each unique group and individual, Jordine delivers a program combining the elements of dance and creative processes to foster an atmosphere of physical and psychological safety.

Playful movement for adults

Our programs for adults aim to develop movement intelligence in the participants, blending the methods of Capoeira, Boxing, Contemporary Dance, Contact Improvisation, Fighting Monkey and Ancestral movement. We practice soft acrobatics, floor work and animalistic locomotion, learning to kick, defend, grapple and share weight. We play with partnering and group movement, challenging each other in a seriously playful way.

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