Pause to play

Take a pause from your hectic every-day life and restore your inner childlike wonder. Dive into playful, embodied experiences that you can share with children and families. 

Our free online monthly workshops facilitated by Moving Creatures Co-Founder Jordine Cornish and Dor Shira will energise you with a variety of playful movement activities. 

Movement matters!

In human evolution, we have never moved as little as we’re moving today. We’re genuinely concerned for today’s children who are the living experiments of our super-sedentary culture.


Be inspired in our free workshop focusing on active play, modelling to children the joyous and transformational effects of moving in diverse ways. 


Experience a range of movement activities (some goal-oriented and others encouraging the expression of freedom and creativity) that will take you out of automatic pilot and into the present, fully-embodied moment.

Our workshop is suitable for Creative Arts Therapists, Play Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Counselors, Community Arts Workers, Social Workers and other professionals who specialise in child and/or family development. 
Get to know the Moving Creatures tools and methods 

Learn about our play based resource Moving Nature.

Designed for children and their care-givers Moving Nature features an easy-to-follow video library of 80+ movement activities and games. Launch the activities through a pack of 24 beautifully illustrated creature cards.



Connect with Movers


Our Live Workshops are a fantastic opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Together we will deepen our understanding of the therapeutic potential of play and movement.

Expand your online network of professionals from interdisciplinary fields. Join our supportive community, engaging in meaningful verbal and non-verbal dialogues.

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A wonderful workshop, investigating and connecting to the present moment through movement, connecting to a deeper sense of self and connecting to a broader sense of what is surrounding us.  Inspiring and joyful!

Julie Frazier-Smith,  Educator and Alexander Technique Teacher