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~ Movement tools and resources for children, care-givers and professionals ~

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We develop playful movement resources, workshops and programs for children, caregivers,
professionals and communities.

Moving Creatures is here to support the healthy development of young people and people young at heart. Our resources, workshops and programs provide opportunities to develop personal attributes whilst fostering healthy connections with others. Learn about the benefits of playful movement here.


Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Development

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Strengthening Connection
& Encouraging Togetherness

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& Joyous

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Meaningful Movement

Play is our brain's favorite way of learning


Our resource - Moving Nature supports the development of both adults and children through mutual engagement in active play.


Together develop physical abilities and healthy attachments. 

Designed for children and their parents/care-givers and for professionals who work with them.

Moving Nature features an online library of 80+ movement activities demonstrated in fun, easy-to-follow video tutorials. The library is accessed via a resource pack of 24 beautifully illustrated creature cards.

Are you a professional working with families? 

Discover a range of goal-oriented, improvisation-based and animal embodiment movement activities that lead towards outcomes in the physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains.


Are you a parent/caregiver?

Explore new ways to connect with your child. Learn through fun and meaningful playful activities. Joy and laughter guaranteed!

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Workshops & Webinars

We deliver dynamic presentations and experiential workshops for a range of audiences. Our workshops for professionals combine up-to-date theory with practical tools. Listen to recordings of our previous webinars or register for upcoming webinars.

Community Programs

We deliver a range of community programs to help make life more joyful. Learn about our range of playful programs, supporting communities and nurturing relationships through play.


Our Story

Moving Creatures is a small team based across Australia and Israel with expertise across education, somatic and dance movement therapies. We collaborate with a wide variety of professionals, bringing together many disciplines and fields of expertise.


We're based across Australia and Israel with expertise in education, movement teaching, somatic and dance movement therapies. 

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