Simple Games for

Meaningful Movement

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Moving Creatures presents free games for you and your children to play, connect, and move your body. They’re super fun, easy to follow & highly engaging.


I'm a Father of an energetic four year old. As an athlete myself and a Father for two, I was looking for ways to share my movement values to my small children in a suitable way. Moving Creatures combines movement games for kids and parents together and for me is the perfect solution to quality time with my kids. You can sense a lot of thought has gone into Moving Creatures, the platform is intuitive and the best thing is that you play at home with the things that are already in your house. 
(Yuval and Yam Lev, Tel Aviv, Israel)

Key Benefits
of Meaningful Movement

Physical, Cognitive & Emotional Development

Connecting Families

& Encouraging Togetherness

Therapeutic Activities for Mind/Body Wellbeing

Fun & engaging for kids & adults


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