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Play-based Movement Resource for Professionals who work with Children and Families

Bring colour, joy and playful movement
to your clinic
Moving Nature has been designed to encourage mutual engagement in active play between children and caregivers. Use the resource to foster healthy attachments and enhance motor and social skills.
Moving Nature for Professionals includes:
  • An easy-to-follow video library of 80+ movement activities and a tangible deck of 24 cards beautifully drawn.
  • Unlimited access to an interactive index that segments the 80+ movement activities into six categories.
  • A digital guidebook of potential therapeutic outcomes, case studies and application considerations plus printable weekly & monthly calendars for playtime tracking.
  • New movement activities released monthly.
Spark action with cards children adore
Launch the activities through a pack of 24 beautifully illustrated creature cards.

The cards feature vibrant colours and are laminated for durability.

Make therapy FUN and engaging for both children and their caregivers.

Evidence-based. Read case-studies of therapists implementing Moving Nature into their clinics world wide.
Easy to follow, engaging video tutorials
Unique movement activities encouraging children and their caregivers to not only move more, to move in more dynamic ways.

New playful, movement challenges added for free monthly!
Movement activities
for EVERY body
The Professional Memberspace helps you easily find movement activities potentially appropriate to your client’s needs and goals. 

The platform features an interactive index that segments the 80+ movement activities into six categories: Goal-oriented, Improvisation-based, Animal Embodiment, Developmental Outcomes, Activities involving Touch, & Activities with No Touch. View the video to see the Professional Memberspace.
Link the therapy space with a client's home space
The Moving Nature cards can connect the therapy space with a child's home space, encouraging a continuation of playful learning at home with the whole family.

In order to assist this process,  we will share with you a code you can pass to families you work with. Give them one month FREE access to the family Moving Nature online library of movement activities. 
What's included in the
Moving Nature Professional Resource?
Artboard 105_2x.png

Access to the Moving Nature Professional Memberspace.

Artboard 92.png

Moving Nature

(online library of 80+ movement games and 24 creature cards).

Artboard 93.png

Guidebook of potential therapeutic outcomes, case studies, application considerations & two printable calendars.


Professional Testimonials

« Hands down the most fun and effective resource I’m using in my Occupational Therapy work. It makes the atmosphere so fun that my clients and their parents want to continue to play at home, deepening their relationship and the goals we’re working towards.  »

Noga Stav Ackerman, Occupational Therapist

Created by Educators & Movement Specialists 

The Professional Resource was created by Jordine and Dor, who are based between Australia and Israel. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge in education, somatic and movement-based therapies. 

Dor Profile_-3.jpg

Dor Shira

Co-founder of Moving Creatures, Educational Entrepreneur & Martial Arts Teacher

Snapshot_7 (2)_edited.jpg

Jordine Cornish

Co-founder of Moving Creatures,

Registered Dance Movement Therapist,

Dance Educator, Performer, Choreographer, Yoga Teacher

Choose your experience
Professional Memberspace
$59 AUD

New activities added monthly

Unlimited access to our Professional Memberspace

Printable weekly & monthly calendars for playtime tracking

(one-time purchase)
approx. $38 USD

Printable booklet companion of potential therapeutic outcomes

Unlimited access to our Online library 80+ movement games 

*Online only
Professional Bundle Memberspace
+ tangible cards
 Best seller
WhatsApp Image 2022-07-26 at 1.33_edited.jpg
Premium offer 
Professional memberspace
+ tangible cards
+ live workshop
$80 AUD
(one-time purchase)
approx. $52 USD
Customised to your needs

Unlimited access to the Professional Memberspace

1 deck of 24 cards beautifully

An extra movement challenge added monthly

Printable weekly & monthly calendars forplaytime tracking

The premium offer includes the Professional Bundle (Memberspace and tangible cards). In addition we facilitate a live online workshop on active play, tailored to meet the educational needs of your organisation. 

Printable booklet companion of potential therapeutic outcomes

Unlimited access to our Online library 80+ movement games 

To receive a customised offer for your practice please contact us at:

Discounted from $129
Discounted from $160


Asset 13_3x.png
We will be happy to discuss cost-saving options for bulk purchases or for those enduring financial hardship. Please contact us at
  • Do I need to pay a membership fee?
    The Moving Nature family and professional resources are a one time purchase. This includes unlimited access to the online library of movement activities, delivery of the tangible deck of cards plus ongoing support and content.
  • Can I start using the resource immediately?
    Yes. If you are a caregiver, following purchase, you will receive an email which will prompt you to create an account for the Moving Nature family library of movement activities. If you purchased one of the professional resources, you will receive an email prompting you to create an account for the Professional Memberspace. Once you do either of these, you will have immediate and ongoing access. The physical cards will be delivered to you soon after.
  • Can I use the resource without the use of screens?
    Watching the video movement tutorials can be engaging and motivating for both you and your children/clients. However, if you prefer not using technology around your children/clients, you could watch the video tutorials first, familarising yourself with the movement activities and then playing with your children/clients, without having screens present.
  • Do the activities have different levels of difficulty?
    Each card correlates to a few video tutorials which offer various ways to play the games and different stages that build upon one another. These will challenge every body differently and can be adapted for different ages and skill sets.
  • How long does delivery take?
    The Moving Nature deck of cards are posted from Western Australia. Delivery within Australia via regular post generally takes 3 - 6 days and express post 2 - 4 days. We strive to post your package on the next business day after purchase. We post internationally to over 18 countries. International postage via regular post can take 1 - 2 weeks, depending on your location. Delivery times are dependent on both international & local delivery services.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship worldwide from Australia, Canada and Israel. We strive to ship worldwide. Delivery times are dependent on both international & local delivery services. You will have access to our online library of movement activities as soon as you purchase, and it will be even more exciting once the cards arrive!
  • Can I buy this as a present?
    You sure can! In fact, we encourage the gifting of our unique resource to inspire more families to move and play. The card box comes with a yellow QR card which allows the receiver to create a membership to access the online library of movement activities. You can have the product delivered to yourself first or we can deliver to the lucky person/family receiving Moving Nature as a gift.
  • Is it suitable for an active two-year-old?
    The movement activities are designed for ages 3+, however for an active two-year-old, adults can modify and adapt the movement activities to younger participants. There's no right or wrong with how you engage with the resource. We encourage you to be inspired by your children/client (no matter their age) and allow play time to take twist and turns in wonderful, surprising directions.
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