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Welcome to The Dream Dojo, where inspiration meets productivity. Dive into focused work sessions, energising movement breaks, and meaningful connections over shared meals—all against the backdrop of breathtaking ocean beach views at the Angling Club of Denmark, WA.


 With others, with yourself, and with your dreams and passions. Join a community that fosters meaningful relationships and personal growth.


Feel supported

By experts, like-minded individuals, and the incredible nature surrounding us. Find guidance, encouragement, and inspiration every step of the way.

Get inspired

By guest mentors, business owners, and fellow entrepreneurs sharing their insights and experiences. Fuel your creativity and drive towards success.

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Not only your body but also towards your goals, aspirations, and dream life. Embrace a holistic approach to personal and professional growth.


Your body with healthy fresh food, playful movement and deep connections to others and nature.

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Choose your workspace

Discover freedom in your workspace – from breathtaking ocean views outdoors to cozy indoor desks, or creative floor setups with laptops. Whether solo, paired, or in groups, our diverse options, including blank canvases and vision boards, nurture holistic growth for mind and body.

Our Members Share

"Absolutely loved my time at The Dream Dojo! It was just what I needed to kickstart my project. The energy there is amazing, surrounded by like-minded people who value community and collaboration. Fiona and Dor make a great team, seamlessly complementing each other's strengths and the mix of activities throughout the day is genius. Never have I felt so inspired and nourished in a workspace environment – definitely couldn't have achieved what I did without The Dream Dojo!"

Joelle Constance Thom, Holistic Nutritionist, Doula and Massage Therapist 

Meet the Passionate Founders of The Dream Dojo

We are Dor and Fiona, passionate entrepreneurs dedicated to fostering growth and creativity. With backgrounds in education, coaching, psychology, health promotion, movement and business, we bring a unique blend of expertise to The Dream Dojo.

Our Experience:
Fiona is a creative, critical thinker and empath who listens intently, asks key questions and helps others to find the answers they need.  Fiona supports individuals, teams and organisations to develop a sense of purpose, using their talents and abilities to 'make a difference'.  While Dor is an educational entrepreneur, movement teacher and the founder of Moving Creatures.

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Every Tuesday 9-2PM in the Angling Club above Ocean Beach.

Registration email

To book a trial session or use the form below if you have any questions. 


Looking forward to meeting you!

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