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Hang in there...

Hang in there...

Here are 5 great reasons why you and your kids should include passive hanging into your daily routine:

1. It can improve shoulder health and mobility. Hanging can provide a healthy passive stretch to the connective tissues in and around the shoulders. This can help with feeling a sense of loosening and opening up the shoulders.

2. It can improve posture. The passive stretch occurring in the shoulders and back muscles can help to alleviate a ‘hunchback’ spine. Especially if you sit, slouched over a computer often, hanging passively can create a sense of spaciousness as the spine elongates.

3. It can improve handgrip strength and endurance. When hanging from a chin-up bar or a similar object, the muscles involved in your hand grip are holding up the entirety of your body weight. We suggest starting for short periods like 15 seconds and slowly improving your endurance, hanging your way up to 1 minute or more.

4. Passive hanging allows the spine to decompress. Many modern-day activities and movements compress our spine, just as slouching in soft couches and sitting for extended periods. Naturally, the spine slowly compresses throughout the day. Hanging passively is effective in decompressing the spine, i.e., replacing space that has been lost between the vertebrae joints of the spine.

5. It’s fun, monkeying around! Hanging may be a little uncomfortable at first, but take time to slowly build your endurance. We’re positive with time you’ll be searching for things in your surroundings you can hang from, like a tree branch.

Go hang and find your inner monkey!

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