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How to activate the vestibular/equilibrium system

This week we're discussing the vestibular/equilibrium system and why it's so important. We'll also give you some tools on how to activate it through play. Our guest expert is Tehilla Israelowitz and her lovely son Amit! Tehila is an Israeli movement therapist who specializes in psychomotor and neurocognitive movements for children.


What does the vestibular system do? It is a sensory system, responsible for providing the brain with information about motion, head position, and spatial orientation. Did you know that when we roll and turn, our vestibular system is activated. What's happening when this system is activated? The equilibrium reflexes are activated more easily and the brain receives greater nutrition of oxygen (through the posture muscles). Also, one learns where the body is and in what position, allowing him/her to learn directions and altitude levels. The eyes begin to focus, while the body is in motion through the help of the vestibular system.


Rolling and turning movements are used regularly in movement therapies to help regulate the nervous system and advance brain functioning.


So we recommend you turn, twirl and roll playfully around your home. When trying this game at home, we recommend caregivers to keep their backs lengthened, bend in the knees, push with the legs and employ core muscles. Also, be sure to use a strong reliable blanket that is able to carry the child's weight


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