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Meaningful movement games for all ages

We had a blast sharing some Moving Nature movement games with our friends in Melbourne, Australia recently. Watching their faces light up and the joyful feeling of sharing with them loads of laughter stayed with us for days afterwards. Before sitting down and enjoying a meal together, it felt amazing to connect and bond together through movement.

We’re passionate about movement time being quality time and connecting with others through movement in playful and imaginative ways - especially with those that are getting a little older. There are countless studies that prove the important health benefits associated with movement activities and its prevalence as we age. Regular physical activity for aging populations helps to improve physical, emotional and mental health which helps to maintain independence and longevity throughout life.

Forget about boring exercise drills, we are here to provide you with playful, imaginative and engaging movement games such as the one in the video. Watch Margaret, Dor and Lachlan play ‘The Duck’s Beak’. The aim is to pass the duck’s food (the ball) into the duck’s mouth (i.e., jumping feet that open and close). The game develops physical strength and accuracy, timing skills and sense of rhythm and is a fantastic cardio vascular workout. It’s so simple but with many benefits! We are positive the whole family would enjoy playing - no matter what age.

Give it a go and ‘feed the hungry duck’. ;)

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