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Play-based Movement Resource for Professionals who work with Children and Families

Hi, I’m Jordine - Registered Dance Movement Therapist (DTAA) based between Australia and Israel. 


I Co-Founded Moving Creatures with my partner Dor Shira. Together we created the Moving Nature deck of cards you have found in your conference grab bag. 


The Moving Nature cards are designed for children and their care-givers to play and move together within their homes and can also be utilised in a therapeutic context, with practitioner guidance. Each card features a unique QR code which connects to an online library of movement activities. All of our movement activities encourage mutual child/care-giver engagement in play and movement, fostering healthy attachments and enhancing physical capacities. Many of the activities draw on the core dance movement therapy therapeutic principles of mirroring and presencing.


The Moving Nature Professional MemberSpace features an interactive index, categorising 80+ movement activities into ones that are; goal-oriented, improvisation-based, animal embodiment, with touch & without touch. The developmental outcomes tab in the index categorises the movement activities according to their potential physical, cognitive, emotional and social therapeutic outcomes. 


It is my pleasure to offer you access to the Moving Nature Professional MemberSpace. Please see information on what’s included below. 


I would be happy to connect with you and hear how your experience of the cards is. If you have any questions or would like to connect, please reach out to me at



Inspiration for your therapeutic plans

The Professional MemberSpace helps you easily find movement activities potentially appropriate to your child, client or student’s needs and goals. 

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Moving Nature Weekly Play-Time Planner (1).png
Tools to develop the 'habit of play'.

The Moving Nature cards and calendars link the therapy or classroom space with a child's home space, encouraging a continuation of playful learning with the whole family. Easily download the weekly and monthly calendar PDF templates.

What's included in the
Moving Nature Professional MemberSpace?
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Access to the an interactive index of over 80+ movement activites, categorised into ones that are; goal-oriented, improvisation-based, animal embodiment, with or without touch & developmental outcomes.

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2 x downloadable

PDF calendars

(weekly & monthly). 

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A guidebook of

potential therapeutic outcomes, written descriptions of the movement games and case studies. 


Access to the Moving Nature Family Online Library including monthly new movement actvities.


« I’ve had amazing results with Moving Nature in my clinic. The activities enhance physical, cognitive, emotional and social capacities within my clients, improving their concentration and coordination. »

Einat Levy Zemer, Motor Sensory Regulation Specialist

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Created by Educators & Movement Specialists 

The Moving Nature Professional MemberSpace was created by Jordine and Dor, who are based between Australia and Israel. Between them they have a wealth of knowledge in education, somatic and movement-based therapies. 

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Dor Shira

Co-founder of Moving Creatures, Educational Entrepreneur & Martial Arts Teacher

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Jordine Cornish

Co-founder of Moving Creatures,

Registered Dance Movement Therapist,

Dance Educator, Performer, Choreographer, Yoga Teacher

Purchase the Professional MemberSpace to receive:
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Access to the an interactive index of over 80+ movement activites

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2 x downloadable PDF calendars

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Guidebook of potential therapeutic outcomes, case studies and application considerations

 $65 USD (Once off purchase)
Shop our other products for families & professionals
Online Access
for families
$44 AUD

An extra movement challenge every month

Unlimited access to our family game library of 80+ activities

Our printable calendar for
playtime tracking

(one-time purchase)
Cards Bundle for families & professionals
$59 AUD
(one-time purchase)

Unlimited access to our family game library of 80+ activities

An extra game every month

Our printable calendar for
playtime tracking

1 deck of 24 cards beautifully

Professional Package 
$ 159 AUD
(one-time purchase)

This package includes everything from the Professional Memberspace. In addition you will receive the tangible Moving Nature deck of cards, beautifully boxed. 

Please contact us if you would like to purchase multiple decks of cards for your workplace. 

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Want to ask a question? 
Contact Jordine at
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